"When 'plus size' models are just skinny girls"

Regularly criticized for its outrageous use of Photoshop, and its filiform model. The fashion world seems to have a hard time being satisfied with the natural bodies of its female models, whether they are thin or curvy.

Karoline Bjørnelykke is a plus-size model and yet she is size M. To denounce the standards wanted by brands, Karoline has chosen to reveal a secret of the fashion industry: padding.

Karoline Bjørnelykke for John Galliano - S/S 2013 Paris

This technique is little known to the general public but popular with brands for years, which consists of making models wear foam prostheses to give the illusion of buttocks, breasts or even more fleshy hips.

No need to call on a seamstress to pick up the clothes in the middle of a shoot, the models can adjust the pieces themselves by simply stuffing them with prostheses, which saves the photographer considerable time.

Despite the practicality of the thing, this trend depicts a new type of idealized body, with a generous chest and hips, but with a thin waist and face.

Karoline Bjørnelykke recalls that this practice contravenes inclusive discourse, and that the injunctions to the normalized body perceived to be desirable have not disappeared. “There is still so much fatphobia and discrimination against curvy women. I just suggest using real plus size models. His word opens a breach in the sincerity of brands to embrace the body positive movement.


For Elemntz