Trending: Y2K style essentials

Most of us remember Y2K fashion from Disney Channel red carpets, or magazines, but recently Y2K fashion has seemed to come back around with the help of TikTok and Pinterest. These styles give that taste of nostalgia to millennials and some of the older generations, but for gen Z it’s completely fresh. Some notable names in Y2K fashion were Ashley Tisdale and Paris Hilton, serving the most memorable looks of the era. If you love this style but need some tips on where to start, we’ve got you covered.

Baguette bags.

These tiny bags were all the rage in the late 90s and early 2000s. Perfect size to carry all the essentials on a night out while being cute and lightweight, we can see why they’re so popular. From basics to elevated monogram styles, there’s an option for everyone. These bags are particularly easy to thrift, so they’re really accessible too.

Hair accessories.

Butterfly clips were iconic, featured in all your early 2000s coming of age romcom. Hair accessories are an easy way to elevate a simple hairstyle or outfit, adding some colour or glitter. The options for this trend are endless, you could go for a simple velvet headband, edgy bandana or opt for a huge claw clip for a classy up-do.

Velour tracksuits.

Obviously a 2000s staple, seen on Paris Hilton running errands or making an iconic cameo in movies like Mean Girls. This matching velour set gives you comfort and style. The perfect option for those usually a little more low-key and comfy but still trying to look the part.

Beaded jewellery.

The perfect DIY craft, making beaded necklaces and bracelets. Smiley faces, pearls and neon beads all in a perfect childlike combo to spice up your look. They’re a great option to layer over your more basic everyday jewellery pieces. You can make these yourself, or purchase pieces that are perfectly curated to match your wardrobe or aesthetic.

Written by: Abby Ashenhurst

Digital content executive @ Elemnt