The rise of repurposed fashion

As we know, sustainability is something on most people’s minds. In fashion this can be difficult to navigate, but we wanted to talk about one method of sustainable fashion that offers us unique modern pieces without the guilt.

Repurposed fashion has been gaining popularity over the years. It’s a great way to make use of old pieces that would otherwise be going into landfill. A lot of designers have found ways to repurpose fashion in new and unique ways, making both pieces that can be wardrobe staples, and pieces that are modern and on trend. We want to show you some examples of repurposing fashion we love.

Kayla Sade Famurewa

During the first lockdown, Kayla wanted to make something cosy yet high fashion. She used a pair of second-hand sweatpants, and fashioned them into a fully boned corset. After making a sale on Depop, she continued to create as people noticed her classic silhouette styles with modern accents and materials. With her creative project now named ‘almost on time’, Kayla releases limited drops with pieces made from her second-hand finds. Anything from vintage Nike hoodies, to basketball shorts or towels. Each piece is 1/1 so not only do you get a piece nobody else will be wearing, but you know where it came from too.


Based in downtown Los Angeles, Re/Done takes old vintage denim and works to turn them into new wearable pieces. They use water conserving methods and no harsh chemicals, along with their materials being second-hand. They make an effort to keep original stitching wear possible, to preserve the story and craftsmanship of the original design. Each style is limited in number, which again allows you to incorporate unique pieces into your everyday style.


UK based Fanfare’s main focus is prolonging the life of already existing pieces and giving them new life. They release one collection throughout the year to avoid overproduction. Fanfare sources vintage pieces, mainly focusing on denim fabrics and outerwear, to turn them into something new and elevated. The one of a kind pieces are embellished with off cuts from the vintage pieces, and embroidered to add some unique detail.

Written by Abby Ashenhurst

Digital content executive @ elemntz