The use of technology within the fashion industry and how it’s used now

Throughout the history of fashion, the use of technology has been integral in getting us where we are now. As other industries grew and discovered new forms of technology, so did the fashion industry. Everyday things that have become a staple of producing clothing, were once not an option.

One of the most notable aspects of technology in fashion production was of course the invention of the sewing machine. Before this, clothing could only be made with hand stitching, or other techniques like knitting and weaving. The first sewing machine was made by the familiar household name Singer, in 1889. This allowed fashion to be produced on a much higher scale.

A while after this, in 1978 the computer controlled machine was invented. Again, allowing the fashion industry to grow. This came hand in hand with a rise in use of synthetic materials such as polyester, rather than natural materials.

Recently, many brands and clothing producers have been focusing on using technology to make their ranges more sustainable and hopefully long-lasting. Technology has been able to bring more sustainable fabrics that are hard wearing too.

Another recent aspect of technology in fashion would be AI - mostly in the aspect of retail. Using AI to assess and manage the amount of stock that will need to be produced, which is more sustainable because there is less excess. Also using AI to monitor and take note of things that are trending, to influence upcoming pieces or collections.

Technology can be directly seen in a lot of fashion. Some notable uses are Iris Van Herpen’s collection in 2010 made by 3D printing. Also in the cyberpunk trend, using lights and screens within extravagant outfits.

EZRATUBA is a Turkish fashion brand that prides themselves in utilizing modern technology in their collections. They use sustainable materials such as Graphene Conductive denim that have been developed to be easily biodegradable. EZRATUBA have also worked to create antimicrobial fabrics to use in their collections, which came at a great time with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Doing your research and staying up to date can give you ideas on some aspects of your own fashion brand you might want to develop using technology. Collaborating with professionals that have good knowledge and expertise on how to incorporate this into your brand is a great approach. As the industry develops we get to see what technology will give us next and how we get to wear it.

Written by: Abby Ashenhurst

Digital content executive @ Elemntz