Sustainable fashion brands you need to know about


Based out of London, Tobefrank are a fashion brand that pride themselves on three main things, ‘innovation, responsibility transparency’. Their website contains information about their production processes, and allows customers to know where their clothes are coming from. They cater their pieces to everyone, and have pieces from the lower end of the price scale all the way up to something more luxury. They use recycled fabrics, natural dyes and pay their workers fairly.

Maddy Page Knitwear

Starting out on Depop, Maddy started repurposing old pieces and dead stock fabrics, reinventing them into her own style. Quickly, people started to notice her hard work and unique take on fashion, pattern and colour. With her use of old pieces and fabrics that would otherwise go to landfill, she offers a new way of revamping your wardrobe at an affordable price. Her designs are new and innovative, and as a one woman small business has so much room to grow from here.

Katya Zelentsova

Central Saint Martins graduate Katya knew the direction she wanted to head after completing her masters in Knitwear. She creates zero waste capsule collections, that have a new modern take on knitwear styles. Every off cut from her fabric is made into something unique, meaning her pieces are both sustainable and have an individualistic flair you can’t find elsewhere. The unconventional appeal of her styles is obvious, with bright and bold colours blending with sexier styles of traditional knitwear.

House of Sunny

Gaining popularity after one of its iconic styles becoming viral online, house of sunny definitely deserve the praise they’re getting. Giving us more trendy pieces, that are well crafted and elevated, all whilst being sustainable. Their website has pages on their impact on the planet, and people, and another page about how their products are sustainably made. From recycled fabric for the tags, to only creating small runs of each piece, sustainability is a huge focus for House of Sunny. Even their packaging is sustainable, so you can refresh your wardrobe absolutely guilt-free.

Written by Abby Ashenhurst

Digital Content executive @ Elemntz