Rihanna’s Pregnancy Styles Decrypted

Gone are those days when celebrities would keep their pregnancy secret and hide those baby bumps. Today, fashion divas are owning the natural process of becoming a mother and going all out to show off their pregnancy glow. Of course, we’re building up to the sultry looks Rihanna has been serving during her pregnancy.

The singer and makeup savant has been sporting gorgeous street style that shows off her belly in a celebratory way. Some are even crediting her for changing maternity fashion, adding a touch of glamour.

So let’s dissect some of these hot looks from pregnant Rihanna that can be a lesson for any expecting mother who doesn’t want to compromise on fashion during pregnancy.

Lingerie Outfit at the Dior Show

Rihanna took the bare-it-all pregnancy look to the next level wearing lingerie to the Fall 2022 Dior show during Paris Fashion Week. She added a sheer, mesh cover with lace that looked like a long babydoll (by Dior, of course), and finished the look with a leather coat and patent leather boots.

The look combined the classic Rihanna edginess with the couturesque elegance that’s custom during fashion week. It’s easy to see that she chose the look to highlight her baby bump. Of course, it was headline-grabbing!

Sequin Strands Ensemble at Fenty Beauty Event

Fur Coat Look at the Gucci Show

Rihanna was a big presence during fashion week season, and she served a gorgeous ensemble at the Gucci show, consisting of a latex crop top, wide-leg pants with a dragon motif, and a lavender fur coat. It seems like latex has been her go-to during this period, perhaps owing to its stupendous stretch.

Rather than covering her abdomen, she chose a crop top and mid-rise pants to bare it all. With a metallic headdress, she once again showed that you can be glamorous no matter what trimester it is.

Black Gown at Oscar Gold Party

Rihanna chose another sheer number for her appearance at Jay-Z's Oscar after-party. The Valentino gown featured a sequined skirt and sheer top, underneath which she wore a tube top. The flamboyant sleeves with gloves added even more drama. Once again, she embraced the bump.

So is Maternity Fashion Really Changing?

Rihanna is surely putting a new spin on maternity fashion like many celebrities before her, including Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Kylie Jenner. However, let’s not forget that these are celebrities we are talking about, attending A-list events in front of dozens of cameras.

At the same time, let’s not forget that maternity wear, for the longest time ever, has been pretty boring and for many brands, kind of an afterthought. While comfort is key for both brands making these clothes and women buying them, some brands are bringing in the style element as well, perhaps inspired by celebrities like Rihanna.

One such brand is Hatch, which produces maternity fashion only, including dresses expecting mothers can wear to events without feeling insecure about their changing bodies.

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