Predicted 2022 Trends


We all love to be one step ahead when it comes to the newest trends and styles released by our favourite names. A great way to stay ahead is looking at the trend predictions for each season or year. We wanted to compile some of the trend predictions we’ve seen cropping up for you to stay ahead.

1) The catsuit

Emerging from the uprise of lounge-wear during lockdown, the catsuit is rising to fame again.

From basic and comfortable, to elevated high fashion the options here are endless. From Kim Kardashian to Hailey Bieber we are seeing the catsuit styled from the streets to the most coveted events. The catsuit gives your outfit versatility by being able to layer under it or over it.

Chanel/ Miu Miu / Valentino / Lanvin

2) Bold print

Bold prints are featured every year, but this year we expect more animal prints than ever. Along with bold animal prints, we expect to see more style prints being huge in 2022. We saw a lot of 70’s style distorted prints in 2021 and we can only see this elevating into bigger bolder prints this year- especially in spring summer.

3) Statement architectural jewellery

In the past few years we have seen the elevation of jewellery styles and accessorizing. Going from layered dainty necklaces into thick and industrial style chains. This year we expect this to get even more extravagant- seeing more statement styles. We can see examples of this architectural styles in recent releases by names such as Swarovski.


4) Check it out.

Checkered print is going to be as popular as ever- but even bolder. Adorning lounge-wear to high end couture, the check print will always be timeless. Try styling it with another bold print- or a piece of statement jewellery like we talked about earlier.

Celine, Burberry Prorsums, Louis Vuitton

5) Exposed silhouettes

Another trend we saw a lot of in 2021 is sure to stay this year. Exposed silhouettes, adding a

little sex and spice to an outfit are going to be seen all throughout this year. From keyhole cut outs to exposed midriffs or hips- this style can elevate most usually basic outfits into something more elevated and risqué.

St Laur