Lil Nas X: Redefining Hip-Hop and Fashion

Ever since coming out with his single Old Town Road, we noticed that Lil Nas wasn’t yet another artist coming for his/her 15 minutes of fame. That was proven when, apart from his many successes in music, W magazine dubbed him a “style icon” for “exploring uncharted territory in men’s fashion” and “redefining masculine expression”.

Love him or hate him, he has a unique look and an innate ability to make headlines using fashion just enough not to distract fans from his music artistry. Looking back through the years, we have some great iconic looks that he displayed.

For the 2021 WSJ awards: He rocked up in a very well put together Thom Browne ensemble with a sleek, black long overcoat and a pleated skirt – which was a welcome change from the usual black suit, not to mention he paired the look with a pair of head-turning Rick Owens platforms.

However, he has the ability to switch it up 180 degrees i.e. his Met Gala 2021 Versace look, which was a three tiered surprise consisting of an ornate golden cape that dropped to reveal a golden armour that eventually lead to an eye catching, glittering full body suit.

Reinventing the white suit in Balmain at the Variety’s fifth annual Hitmakers brunch. Once again, Lil Nas X demonstrates who was the real king of the evening.

The Balmain immaculate outfits, padded armor, and protective gear wowed Lil Nas X as he opted for pieces from the Fall/Winter 2022-2023 runway at the 2022 iHeartRadio Music Awards. The rapper, who won the Male Artist of the Year trophy, walked the red carpet dressed in a protective vest, paired with denim pants and a pair of leather gloves. The ultimate fashion statement of this outfit? Her impressive platform boots, are one of the signatures of the French house's latest show.

For a hip-hop artist, he is taking great leaps in redefining the hyper masculine culture of the music and encouraging self-expression in ways few would have dared before him.


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