Labrum London ‘The Sound of Movement’ SS22 collection

Labrum London was created in 2015. Its creation was influenced by combining the styles of traditional British tailoring with west African accents. The term ‘Labrum’ translates from Latin to English as ‘having an edge’ which describes the classy yet edgier styles of labrum perfectly. Labrum has mainly been focussed on menswear, but this collection showed both men’s and women’s styles.

Labrum’s tag line is ‘designed by an immigrant’, making a statement along with its clear African influences. Collections by Labrum are made to represent styles that were carried over by African and Caribbean immigrants coming to the UK in the 70s.

We were invited to see Labrum’s SS22 collection at London Fashion Week. The show was hosted at the NEWGEN show space. The venue was filled with lighting installations to help set the mood. The lighting and projections were bold coloured layers and patterns, made to represent woven African fabrics. The show was also accompanied by live music by the Balimaya project, which allowed the audience to really be immersed in the story and influences of the collection.

The collection itself included many sharp, tailored silhouettes, on both male and female models. The looks featured illustrative styles of West African imagery and accents. Many of the images on the clothing were influenced by or directly taken from Sierra Leonian village life.

The colours varied from both bold and soft blues, to greys and more neutral tones that all complimented each other to create a comprehensive collection of pieces that could be easily mixed and matched. The models were all wearing traditional headwear, along with a range of accessories, bags and of course footwear.

After getting a taste for Labrum’s refined style, impeccable tailoring and thought-provoking story telling, we can’t wait to see what they bring next season. The mix of cultures and influences makes for visually appealing pieces, with a deeper meaning. We can only believe Labrum’s next collection will feature more fascinating styles and stories.