Integrated Marketing - Chanel

Channel has always been the incarnation of the elegance “A la francaise”. The famous tweed jacket, the timeless Chanel N5 parfum. Their amazing collaboration with the iconic, talented and unique Karl Lagerfeld. Today we will talk about Chanel in terms of integrated marketing. What are their presence on the internet? what did they do well? And how consistent is their brand image?

At a time when all brands are racing for social media, the same also applies for luxury brands. Indeed luxury has always differentiated itself from others industries by being exclusive to a limited world.

Communicated on social media is contrary to that, with the aim of massively reaching the population. Communication on social networks is an innovative tool that must be integrated

as a part of the overall communication strategy of the brand. It is imperative that the image and positioning of the brand are respected.

The objective of an “on line”communication through social media is to gain visibility, popularity and interactions in order to convert its fans into followers then into customers. The number of followers is synonymous with the popularity of the brands. Additionally this marketing strategy gives the power of a traditional advertisement at a reduced cost.

This is exactly what famous French luxury brand Chanel does. Created in 1910 by Gabrielle Chasnel called “Coco Chanel”.

According to Kapferer and Bastien:” The concept of positioning should not be applied for luxury goods as they focus on their unique identity and do not compare each other with others luxury good brand. Instead luxury goods can differentiate themselves through their identity, character and personality.”

Chanel brand is created through sensation and the ability of audience to relate and connect to the brand values, and the brand value is Coco Chanel herself. The brand is built around her by orienting the brand to reflect what she does at the heart of the brand identity.

Gabriel Chasnel was a pioneer in the fashion industry. She was a rebel and a “avant-gardiste” who had to fight for success, love, and her life choices in general. Her life was very romanesque and many movies have been made based on her story. She is an icon and this add value to her brand as it present a nice story to tell and to inspire emotion and attachment. As well as an easy identification for the consumer with the brand.

Chanel is today an international reference, its principal competitors are Gucci, Christian Dior and Burberry among many others. Their brand strategy is built on craftsmanship, “Savoir-faire”and French elegance. With the greatest respect for the tradition mixing with innovation and modernity. Chanel’s principal target audience is a category of classy, independant, free spirited, young members of the elite. Their unique value proposition of the brand is “Channel is a leader in haute couture and ready to wear clothes”. Basically to be the best in the fashion industry, a message a that they have managed to keep consistent through their social media presence. And this has paid they are followed by 39,8 million followers on instagram, 22 million on facebook, 13,2 million on twitter.

The brand successfully managed to keep the sober and chic side in the presentation of its sites by posting very little text but a lot of images and videos representing the latest collections of haute couture, bags, watches, make up etc...As well as the latest campaign with famous brand ambassadors.

“Chanel’s videos on social media are a great representation of chanel’s message; they are bold,liberating,Stylish and sophisticated”(Luxury daily 2014)

They also shared backstage videos and or photos to its follower on social media, they clearly uses social media to stay connected with its young target audience.

By making them feel special like for the introduction of the bag gabrielle. They released 4 mini videos, with four different stories that announced the official campaign. By doing this Chanel has created a “buzz” And offered to its fans a unique experience, by offering them the feeling of belonging to a set of elites by diffusing exclusive and unpublished content to their community.

Chanel is the number one haute couture house in term of followers, as it can be seen Chanel uses online communication tools to its advantage, to respect their unique value proposition by being number one.

Mayana For Elemntz