Indian Designers to Follow

It’s no secret that the Indian fashion industry is gradually going global with their designers presenting at major fashion weeks. Then there are those like Sabyasachi that have etched their names in the history of fashion as trailblazers of Indian fashion, stamping its prestige all over the world.

Whilst the Indian fashion industry is brimming with talent, some designers and labels are in a league of their own. Here are some of these Indian designers you ought to follow:

KH House of Khaddar

KH House of Khaddar is the brainchild of the famous Indian actor Kamal Haasan. The Tollywood (South Indian Tamil cinema) star has recently launched the brand with a focus on a traditional South Asian fabric khaddar.

The brand was launched with much fanfare in Chicago, but this fashion season, it made it to the Paris Fashion Week runway. The collection presented, designed by the brand’s co-founder and designer, Amritha Ram, cleverly used khaddar to create contemporary clothes, including a ‘khaddar denim.’

Vaishali S

If there’s one designer committed to bringing ‘Made in India’ to the global stage, it’s Vaishali S. The Mumbai-based Couture brand is all about traditional hand-woven fabrics with intricate details that take inspiration from the cultural roots of the country.

She’s already shown at the Paris Couture Week in 2021, the first Indian woman to do so. This year, the designer turned to Milan to show her ready-to-wear collection named Srauta, which means sacrifice.

Even though the collection was ready-to-wear, it still had that distinct couture aura.

Binal Patel (TheRealB)

Indian designers presenting in Paris aren't the first, but when the designer is just 25 years old, people take notice. Binal Patel of TheRealB made history in February 2022 by being the youngest Indian fashion designer to present in Paris.

Sustainability is a major theme of TheRealB, as Binal believes in slow fashion that pays fair wages and uses ethically-sourced materials. But more importantly, it’s her design aesthetic that’s truly impressive. With edgy cuts, vibrant colours, and subtle details, think of the brand as Gucci meets Jacquemus.

Dhruv Kapoor

Dhruv Kapoor, an ambitious Indian streetwear designer, is almost a regular now at Milan Fashion Week. The New Delhi-based designer took a global approach from the get-go, with most of the clientele coming from outside India.

Mixing casual graphic tees with tailored suits, the designer is on par with where the global fashion industry is heading. The Instituto Marangoni-educated designer is the one to watch on Instagram with posts and stories curated for a fashion-forward audience.

Bonus Mention: Avanti Nagrath

Avanti Nagrath isn’t a designer but a model and she’s worth mentioning when we talk about Indian fashion. She recently opened the Versace Fall 2022 show at Milan Fashion Week, the first Indian model to do so. Other models in the show included the Hadid sisters and Emily Ratajkowski.

She was born in New Delhi and started her career with a well-known Indian designer. However, it didn’t take her long to go international, becoming a regular on European runways this season. Like the designers, she’s also bringing Indian talent to the global fashion scene.

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