How Facebook’s rebranding could change the future of fashion

You may have heard about Facebook’s rebranding, I mean who hasn’t? The name for the umbrella company will change from ‘Facebook’ to ‘Meta’, with more changes coming along the way. Facebook owned apps will keep their current names though, so no confusion on the way with that!

Along with the name change, they announced they would be implementing a VR platform into real life aspects such as commerce, entertainment and work life. This platform will be accessed by using VR glasses. This new platform could introduce many new aspects of technology into everyday life, but we wanted to see how it could change the future of fashion.

An aspect of the VR platform we saw in the announcement was virtual avatars. Meaning, this would give us the opportunity to dress and style a virtual version of us. The VR could also allow an introduction of virtual e-commerce, a similar concept to NFTs - the sale of virtual art through cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

There is endless opportunity with this new platform, enabling more people to connect in a different way. Removing distance between consumers and retailers, or allowing businesses to connect in a virtual setting from all over the world are just a few examples of what these changes could bring.

We could also expect to see the merging of digital and real events. Allowing people to attend real events but virtually, in a new way. We could also see a rise in virtual fashion shows and runways. We already got a taste of this during the pandemic, for example Malan Breton’s virtual runway show ‘Immortal’ in 2020.

Though, we expect to see a few issues while this new technology is being fine-tuned. New technology will inevitably run into some issues and bugs. And many people worry that a VR platform like this will remove people from experiencing real life- which is already a very real concern when it comes to social media and how addicting it can be.

How would you feel about having a virtual business or clothing line? This will be a whole new era for digital experiences. Consumers and retailers will be navigating this new platform for the first time together, exploring how this can develop in future.

Written by Abby Ashenhurst

Digital content executive @ Elemntz