Fashion week outside of the big four

Twice a year, four main cities dominate the fashion week season (New York, Paris, London and Milan). From some of the most established fashion houses in the world, to newer emerging names- fashion week is one of the most anticipated events of the year. The main four are notoriously hard to attend, for the general public, which makes it feel even more prestigious. But, for those that love fashion and aim to break through into the industry themselves, this can be frustrating.

Many other cities all over the world host their own fashion week. Some with particular focuses and styles that they are well known for. This makes a space for those wanting to see fashion events, or be immersed in the industry (especially if you are local). The ‘smaller’ fashion weeks hosted around the world also give a platform to share their cultures, and give a platform to smaller local names and get noticed by buyers or scouts.

One great example of this has to be Tokyo Fashion Week. Created in 2005, Tokyo Fashion Week has been heavily focussed on streetwear and highlighting Japanese culture. Both things you won’t see as often at the big four cities. They showcase emerging designers both from Japan and internationally, giving the event a huge range of styles and influences.

photo: @photo.hada

Then we have Berlin Fashion Week, once named the most undervalued fashion capital by Forbes. With huge names like Escada and Hugo Boss being based in Germany, there is so much potential in German talent being showcased. Berlin Fashion Week has a big emphasis on new and emerging designers, making this a great opportunity to find some new influences for your own wardrobe.

photo: photoboy_potsdam

There is also Africa Fashion Week, which takes place in London (not to be confused with the fashion week in Africa). Created in 2011 as a platform for African and African inspired talent in the industry, and showcasing all the elements of African culture in the industry. The event promotes social change in Africa, and opening up a space for young and old African designers.

photo: @Joanna_mitroi

There are so many other amazing Fashion Week’s across the world such as, Dubai, Shanghai and Australia. With the success and innovation of these events around the world, we hope to see more innovation and collaboration. Having events which allow a platform for smaller designers, talent and models helps us make the industry more accessible for everyone. We expect to see these events grow with the fashion industry, and give us bigger and better shows as the years go on.