Dubai: The new capital of fashion

Paris, New York, London and Milan are known as global fashion capitals. But now there’s a new player hoping to join the catwalk club, Dubai.

With ultra modern skyscrapers and the city's flair for opulence, Dubai is not just the powerhouse of the Middle East as with £8.4 million spent in 2016 on luxury goods, Dubai has undoubtedly become the fashion capital of the Middle East.

The inaugural Arab Fashion Week took place in Dubai in October 2015, since the emirate has been making inroads in the industry, which is worth, 5 years later, around £44 billion a year in the UAE.

The parades in Dubai mainly highlight Arab designers, such as Amato, Elie Saab, Zeena Zaki and Aboud Jammal, among many other talented designers from the region, like Turkish sisters Ezra Tuba.

Manuel Arnaut, Editor in Chief of Vogue Arabia,(1st published March 2017) says Dubai has become an important centre.

“You can feel there’s a very interesting energy and very strong creative vibe,” he told Cult Magazine. “And what I think is really interesting about Arab fashion in general is the diversity of the options.”

Arab Fashion Week is one of the highlights on the industry’s calendar.

It’s a platform for international and home-grown talent to showcase their designs. It also attracts around 10,000 people every year.

Poor in oil, compared to its Gulf neighbors, Dubai, one of the seven principalities that make up the United Arab Emirates, has largely relied on its image as a temple of luxury to diversify its economy and become a hub of finance, tourism or transport. Sales in the apparel sector amounted to £9 billion in 2018 in the UAE, with men's textiles accounting for 53 percent of that amount and a turnover of £4.5 billion, according to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. (AFP)

Nothing seems to stop the fashion Dubai ascension. The first Arab Fashion Week men edition took place on the 28/01/2021, and it was a success. The event, which was broadcast on YouTube for the three day duration, showcased some 15 regional and international designers, including from France, Britain, Iran and Lebanon.

May Fall-Kadouf

CEO Elemntz Ltd