Dissecting Designer Jacquemus and His Brand Identity

What do you get when you combine flowers, bike rides, lake dips, shadows, mopeds, and the South of France? You get the design aesthetic of Simon Porte Jacquemus, the creative genius behind the eponymous Jacquemus brand. Made famous for his tiny bags and gigantic hats, the designer has really come into his own.

As an independent brand, it took Jacquemus not many years to be among some of the most celebrated new French brands. So much so that their shows and collections are rivaling those of well-established houses. So what’s the secret behind his success? And what makes his brand identity so unique?

Fun Prints, Odd Shapes, and Country Charm

Ever since the designer presented his first collection in 2013 in an empty pool, the design aesthetics have largely been centered around what Jacquemus, as a person, is all about. Coming from the small town of Mallemort in Southeastern France, he has always incorporated the South of France in his collections.

There’s an outdoorsy, simplicity to most of the designs that show his link to the countryside of France. He incorporates that homely feel not just in the designs but in how they are presented. For instance, the 10th-anniversary show of the brand took place in Provence in a field full of lavenders.

That said, the designer also attributes the designs, at least in the early stages of the brand, to the necessity of working with what they had. Perhaps that’s the reason why many Jacquemus pieces are made of simple materials manipulated into unconventional shapes and silhouettes.

Colours are obviously an important element of the brand, but it’s not unusual to see muted colours with a new life breathed in them, again, with unorthodox cuts and drapes. It’s clear Jacquemus is about making simple, not so simple!

Of Family and Friends

A lot of what the brand Jacquemus is today comes from the designer’s close connection with family and friends. Whether it’s his grandmother back in Mallemort or his friend Jeanne Damas, he talks about bonds with his loved ones a lot, both through collections and social media.

Speaking of social media, if you want to get a sense of Simon and his brand Jacquemus, you only need to see the carefully curated Instagram account. The designer runs the brand account as his own, presenting gorgeous pictures (mostly through stories) that may make you wonder if he’s also a great photographer. In his stories, there’s a lot of nature, some minuscule details that many would miss, and of course, the South of France.

It’s this authenticity that defines the brand’s identity. The strategy, if it’s a strategy that is, of mixing person and business for social media has clearly worked. It’s one of the very few brands in fashion currently that are so aligned with the personality and design aesthetic of the designer. He doesn’t do what everyone is doing; he does what he wants to do.

If we could pick three words to describe Jaquemus’s brand identity, they would be carefree, cool, and country.

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