The influence of celebrity culture in fashion

Celebrity culture and the media industry have always been a key influence of fashion trends. As the media industry grew, so did its relationship with the fashion industry. From Elvis Presley to Kim Kardashian, people have always idolised the style of big names. As time went on, the two industries have merged in a way. Celebrities are promoting designers and walking in runway shows- and becoming designers themselves.

As music and television gained popularity, especially since the rise of rock n’roll - people were able to see how their favourite celebrities dressed. From extravagant stage outfits, to red carpet looks, many people took inspiration for their own closets.

Throughout the decades subcultures were created, which usually revolves around music, style and shared values. Each subculture had its favourite icons in the media and took inspiration from their style.

Paparazzi started capturing celebrities in their day-to-day life, which brought a bigger influence to fashion. The public were able to see more casual day-to-day fashion rather than red carpet styles. Red carpet styles were obviously expensive, high fashion pieces made for a one off event. Paparazzi shots showed styles that more people could adapt into their own wardrobes.

Many celebrities seen as fashion icons took the steps to become a designer, or release clothing brands themselves. Celebrity owned names like ‘Yeezy’ became huge because of their innovative styles and recognisable names.

Now with social media being so huge, it’s easy to see more of our favourite celebrities. They can post their favourite styles and outfits, making it easy to find pieces you can fit into your own personal style. It’s also ideal, because it’s so easy to shop for those styles when they’re often tagged by the celebrity.

The downside to using social media to look at celebrity fashion is that they’re often paid to promote brands. Which means it can be hard to tell if what’s being promoted is a quality product, just through an image.

Social media influencers are becoming more and more popular, almost becoming celebrities themselves. Many influencers are being featured on Vogue, showcasing their style.

Keeping on top of celebrity trends can give you an advantage when it comes to your own brand. Adapting popular styles and making them accessible to the average buyer, while staying true to your brand. Collaborating with celebrities or popular influences can also be extremely effective for marketing your brand or collections.

Written by: Abby Ashenhurst

Digital content executive @ Elemntz