Catwoman, the latex heroine.

Catwoman is back, and her latest version takes the form of the very en-vogue Zoë Kravitz.

After the equally sexy looks sported by Michelle Pfeiffer (Batman Returns), a number in shiny spandex with raw and white mesh design by the American Mary Vogt.

Halle Berry's uncovered belly, a Catwoman bondage version, designed by the Australian Oscar-winning costume designer Angus Strathie.

and Anne Hathaway's sophisticated leather ensemble in The Dark Knight Rises designed by the British designer Lindy Hemming.

We are happy to find out what the style of the new Catwoman looks like. Zoe Kravitz is a Rock'n'roll Catwoman, much alike her legendary father.

Jacqueline Durand, the talented British costume designer and Oscar winner, gives her a look of dominatrix-inspired outfits, Zoe Kravitz rocks this look with a catsuit in leather over a high white tank top and sleek pants, plus patent leather platform boots.

It is interesting to see that some of the most iconic Catwoman looks have been designed by women.

The Catwoman style is timeless and inspire fashion worldas well as numerous woman, it is one of the most chosen costumes for Halloween, as well as a derivative of the bondage-style…


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