Butt Cleavage: Do We Really Need This Trend?

The good old bust cleavage is getting replaced by a new cleavage. Yes, the butt cleavage is apparently becoming a trend. And from both sides. With dresses and pants meant to show off a little more than usual, the trend follows an almost visible butt crack, even from below sometimes, which is called under-butt cleavage.

It’s wild, to say the least, but it seems to be catching on. However, we have yet to see it on the runways.

Risque cutouts are not new in fashion. We’re used to the occasional side-boob or hip cutout, but the butt cutout is a whole new thing. Recently, an Australian influencer grabbed fashion headlines when she posted a picture in a fitted knit dress with exposed butt crack, thanks to a thigh-high hem on the back of the dress, held together by straps. Apparently, the dress is from PrettyLittleThings.

But the Brisbane-based influencer is not the only one sporting this trend. Rihanna also showed off her butt cleavage in the Fenty lingerie line she launched last November. On Instagram, she posted pictures of a checked lingerie set that can only be described as ‘business in the front, party in the back.’ Yes, it featured the butt-cleavage revealing shorts.

Rihanna’s brand was at it again when they launched a pair of leggings meant to be worn to be bed with latticed straps on the back showing off the butt cleavage.

What Do People Think of the Trend?

For the most part, the trend has received mixed reactions. Some are readily welcoming the butt cleavage, while others think it’s in bad taste. You can see the contrasting opinions on social media comments, particularly on TikTok videos on this trend.

The fact that it hasn’t gone mainstream yet like corsets this year or chunky sneakers a few years back tells that it’s probably not welcome yet.

Unlike other fashion trends, this one is a bit riskier, and not everyone may be comfortable showing off their butt crack. So it’s understandable why so many users were not for it.

Some people are even calling it the plumber’s crack!

But it shouldn’t be seen as bizarre because it’s revealing the butt crack. It’s 2022, and we are way past raising eyebrows with clothes that show a little extra something. As long as it’s in the appropriate setting, it should be fine. Showing off butt cleavage on the red carpet isn’t unusual. Remember Rose McGowan at the VMAs in 1998?


Is It Even Comfortable?

The question shouldn’t be so much about whether it’s socially acceptable but rather if it’s even comfortable. An exposed butt crack is probably not the most comfortable, especially when you have to sit. The breeze may be nice, but your bare butt rubbing against chairs and car seats, not so much.

The trend will likely not become a full-blown trend, and we probably don’t even need it. But whoever likes it, feel free to do it!

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