Balenciaga: No! No! No!

In 2022, it’s obvious that celebrity endorsements and appearance are part and parcel of the marketing strategy. However, it has been quite evident that #fashion has lately been very much dependent on celebrities and influencers. We get it, after all, fashion is a business!

But why are « celebrities » doing catwalks and are being appointed as decision makers in the creative processes of major fashion brands?

After their, quite frankly, awful collaboration with Adidas for SS23, the French luxury giant Balenciaga recently wowed us with its FW 22/23 collection. But you couldn’t help but notice the uninspired catwalk…With actresses and pop stars walking in the otherwise beautiful collection.

Again, we get Marketing and all of the above, but aren’t there enough professional models that would have represented the brand in a much better light than Kim kardashian ?

One major faux pas was the Great Pink Tragedy of a dress that couldn’t fit through the door on to the catwalk.

Luckily the ever graceful Naomi Campbell salvaged the entire show with near perfect gait and presence.

Fashion is an art form with many “hidden hands” that contribute to a successful collection, to vulgarise it with gimmicks and stunts shows a lack of appreciation to the decades of hard work and dedication many fashion professionals dedicate to the art form!

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