Aadnevik SS22 collection ‘The Compass Rose’

Established in 2015 by Hila and Kristian Aadnevik, the London based luxury brand is known for its extravagant yet detailed designs. From a young age, Hila was taught the ins and outs of fashion production by her father. Kristian studied fashion growing up with a degree in womenswear. Aadnevik is renowned for its unique handcrafted production techniques- making patterns on the body, allowing form fitting and feminine silhouettes.

The key inspiration for the Spring Summer 22 collection was the rose, in all of its beauty. Along with the rose, inspiration was drawn from the compass- described as “the symbolic and principle navigation tool used for centuries to guide us through the right passage”. All of the intricate details added through the collection are intentional, to remind us of the stories and inspirations for each piece.

We were invited to attend the runway show of the new collection. We saw pieces from full-length tulle gowns to shorter, more form fitting dresses. Many of the pieces included organza roses, referencing the collection's main inspiration. We also saw a lot of feathers included in the pieces, giving the illusion of petals cascading down the gowns.

The collection was presented in a wide array of spring-like colours. The colour palette had a fresh and bright theme throughout - we saw everything from pinks and yellows to more muted blues and pure whites. Some of the gowns were accented with French lace, to create intriguing patterns of old maps across the fabric.

With Aadnevik being worn by names such as Beyoncé, Rihanna and Cara Delivigne, it is clear that Aadnevik has a long-established style. Their handcrafted production methods allow for perfectly fitted silhouettes, which can be accessed at their atelier studios in London. With all this said, this seasons collection encompassed the fresh feeling of spring, with their floral inspirations and sense of adventure throughout.

Their classic silhouettes with new and modern accents create a unique and recognisable style. With a vision and design process that can only progress in future, we are excited to see what Aadnevik do next.

Written by Abby Ashenhurst

Digital content executive @ Elemntz