5 Fashion Brands That ‘Actually’ Support LGBTQ+ Community

It’s Pride Month, and you know what that means. Brands and corporations will be riding the rainbow to the end of the horizon, which is June 30th. Over the past couple of years, the LGBTQ+ has voiced its concerns about the fake and opportunistic support many companies show during Pride.

As much as we love more and more companies embracing the LGTBTQ+, the support shouldn’t be just for a month. Many of these companies have links to anti-LGBTQ organizations or simply shun the community once the Pride month is over. The good news is that the fashion industry, for the most part, is pretty pro-LGBTQ+. There are many brands that actively contribute to the wellness of the LGBTQ+ youth or are owned by people from the community.

So if you’re someone who is celebrating Pride as a member of the community or perhaps as an ally, here are five fashion brands you should know about that support the LGBTQ+ community.

Revel & Riot

If you’re looking for LGBTQ+ support paraphernalia, the brand Revel & Riot is all that. It designs and produces t-shirts, tanks, and accessories with messages against homophobia and racism. But here’s the thing: Revel & Riot isn’t your usual revenue-hungry fashion brand; it’s actually a non-profit. Its blog is a galore of educational content that talks about so many issues facing the gay and trans community. And a portion of the revenue goes to LGBTQ+ charities.


Of course, only a queer-friendly brand could understand the need for inclusive clothing that doesn’t limit genders. TomboyX is a brand whose philosophy is to make the wearer feel good. It’s not for men, women, or any gender or sexual orientation, in particular. It’s for people, real people.

Naturally, comfort is a big aspect of their designs, so you’ll find a lot of cozy and comfy garments and undergarments. Every three months, the brand donates part of its earnings to local and national LGBTQ+ non-profits.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Ok, hear us out. Even though Abercrombie & Fitch would probably be the last brand you’d think of when it comes to supporting LGBTQ-friendly brands, it’s done more than many of the other fast-fashion retailers. It has donated over $1 million to the Trevor Project, and in 2021 they continued the collaboration for the whole year. The Pride merchandise was available all year round. It looks like the brand is making amends for its past.


Humankind is an inclusive swimwear brand founded by Hailey Marzullo. Not only is this an LGBTQ-owned brand, but it’s also one helping solve their problems. Hailey founded the brand as she found a lack of proper swimwear for women like her. The brand now makes swimwear and loungewear that knows no gender.


The British luxury brand Burberry has been one of the most active luxury fashion companies in the LGBTQ+ community. From ending workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation to regularly donating to LGBTQ+ charities and non-profits, the company has publicly shown support on many occasions, not just during Pride month. It has worked with Albert Kennedy Trust and UK Black Pride.

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