5 Best Celebrity Stylists You Should Follow

When you see your favourite celebrities on fashion week front rows or movie premiers, who do you think chose the dress? Who thought those earrings would work well with the outfit? Did the stars themselves shop for the shoes? Probably not! All those tasks come under the job description of a stylist.

Yes, a lot of work goes into the looks that celebrities present in public spaces and even on the street sometimes. Stylists have a very important role in these high-profile celebrities’ lives because, essentially, they are helping build their image and brand. Of course, not all celebrities have stylists on the payroll.

Whether you want to pursue a career as a stylist or just want your Instagram feed filled with fashion inspiration, these are the five celebrity stylists you should be following:

Ilaria Urbinati

You know someone’s a top-notch stylist when their clientele roster has names like Bradley Cooper, Chris Evans, Donald Glover, and Rami Malek. Ilaria Urbinati mostly styles male celebrities, often with suits that are sharp but also with the times. But she also knows the value of the classics, especially when it comes to men’s style. She was also featured in Walmart’s commercial that ran during the Oscars in 2019.

Laura Sophie Cox

The now Los Angeles-based British stylist Laura Sophie Cox has styled some of the most celebrated young celebrities. And it’s easier to see why. Sustainability is very close to her heart, so every look she champions has eco-friendliness at its core. And that’s what the young climate-conscious generation wants. Her clientele includes Emma Watson, Lia McHugh, Alessia Cara, and Luna Blaise.

Ade Samuel

Ade Samuel may be based in LA, but she comes from the Bronx, New York. The Nigerian-descent stylish has worked with hip-hop and rap artists, including Khalid, who has come to become somewhat of a fashion icon for laidback casual. She’s one of those stylists that have a deep understanding of image, as she has a background in public relations. Of course, any celebrity would feel safe in her hands, or in this case, her chosen outfits.

Tara Swennen

Tara Swennen is another climate-conscious celebrity stylist who won the Best Vegan Stylist award in 2019. Perhaps her most fashion-forward client has been Kristen Stewart, the face of Chanel. She is even part of the Costume Design Guild. She also takes sustainability very seriously when dressing her A-list clients.

Tom Eerebout

No best stylist list can be complete without the fashion trailblazer, Lady Gaga’s stylists. Tom Eerebout is a London and Antwerp-based stylist, who, along with fellow stylist Sandra Amador, regularly styles Lady Gaga. He was responsible for her iconic Oscar look when she was nominated for A Star is Born. It’s not easy styling a fashion powerhouse like her, but he manages to find pieces that have that quintessential Lady Gaga shock value, along with certain appropriateness for the event.

La Jolie

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