About Us

Husband and wife, El and May, founded Elemntz to fill a space in the fashion industry that has been left largely ignored - the real people with lasting relationships that can foster great business. 


We bring to the business a great international perspective with a unique approach to business resulting from our combined experience in London, Paris, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur, across which we have a vast network of fashion, PR, marketing and business professionals.


At Elemntz we primarily focus on working with young, innovative contemporary brands looking to go to market, as we realise the sort of challenges that they face from the start up stage to being on sale - either in shops or online. Elemntz seeks to act as the guide for market entry, strategy, branding, PR and marketing as well as a bridge between the brands and the retailers in the UK, France, UAE and Malaysia. 

  • We work with partners and clients towards creating great market opportunities for fashion businesses in all points of the value chain. 

  • Elemntz is a unique partnership of experience, vision and approach between Business and fashion professionals, as well as a large network of specialists.

  • Elemntz not only works for the brands, but with the brands. By becoming their partner, representative, and part of their team and giving valuable and expert insight into the fashion market.

Our Values:

  • Determination

  • Engagement

  • Partnership

  • Excellence